SWE collaborated with New Florida Majority and Dignity Florida along with Student Alliance Fighting Exploitation (SAFE), Student Social Work Association (SSWA), Panthers for Recovery (P4R), and the Phi Alpha Honor Society, to present the ReformHER Symposium that explores the intersectionality of mass incarceration from the different vantage points. The keynote speaker is Ms. Alice Johnson, who served 22 years of a life without parole, for a nonviolent drug crime. Joined by Lyric Tye, Marilyn Walker, and Cheryl Howard, also by other formerly incarcerated women that lead the charge here in Florida to ensure Dignity for Incarcerated Women.

“Entrepreneurship – friend or foe?”

Opportunities and Challenges for Women’s Business Ventures in the United States” Sarah Sampaio, PhD will be our speaker, she is a business consultant for Brazil and Latin America. Entrepreneurship and Management Member of USABE and Royal Geographical Society, UK. 

Project Management Institute

PMI South Florida joined SWE for an enthusiastic session on how to promote your work efficiency and effectively manage your tasks toward an efficient time management. The South Florida PMI chpater is seeking a conduit of innovation, networking and support for the next evolution of Project Managers through strategic focus, customer centricity and operation agility.

GMiS Conference

Great Minds in STEM conference in Orlando Florida. FIU SWE president, Armana Huq participated in Graduate Poster competition.


SWE E-Board Members and SWE volunteers are fundraising for upcoming events and SWE conference!

Stem Day

Our members made slime and made circuits with electrical tape. One of our members explained to the kids the foundations of electricity and power through a fun activity of creating their own circuit design with tape.

Steam Fest

Our members visited the West Dade Library Steam Fest where we combined fun and science in one. Many fun activities were done with the kids in order for them to enjoy science and technology.

Paul Bell Middle School

Our members visited Paul Bell Middle School where making slime was explained and made. We showed the science behind the slime and how different chemicals react to one another to create such a fun texture and toy.

FIU Engineering Expo 2019

FIU hosts about 2000 K-12 students to showcase Engineering on Wheels program. SWE members did a slime activity, Newtonian fluid activity, and demonstrated freezing a flower with nitrogen.

Frost Science Museum

Our members attended the Frost Science Museum for their Engineering Day where fun science activities were conducted to inspire kids to enjoy science and expand our STEM community.

Lockheed Martin

SWE invited and hosted Lockheed Martin representatives and recruiters who came to talk about job opportunities, what it is like to work for Lockheed, and things they look for in Resumes and candidates. They were also doing on spot interviews and recruiting FIU students for positions they had available.

SWE Formal Dinner

FIU’s SWE hosted engineering panelists from across south Florida. From civil companies, researchers, software engineers, FDOT, biomedical companies, and even a future surgeon who gave advice, and shared their stories.